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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Peak Pork - Is The Unthinkable Happening? By Wayne N. Krautkramer

Most of us have heard about Peak Oil!
A lawyer recently made the claim that silver is more valuable than gold due to
Peak Silver!

How many have noticed the obvious evidence of Peak Pork!

Both the USDA and the National Pork Producers Council have steadfastly refused to respond to our inquires.

The question is why? Is their evasion possible proof of a global conspiracy to profit on skyrocketing pork prices?

Chief Chop, leader of the Porcine group, apparently issued an ultimatum through his interim chief ambassador (Petunia Pig) to the leading food chain. During our interview, Chief Chop alluded to some possible slowdown of production. His exact oinks were "We may farrow no more if we don’t get some barrels soon"! This cryptic message sent us into "Condition Red" (full research status).

A diligent search found the address of Petunia Pig, and our interviews tracked her down to her sty in a Las Vegas Hotel/Casino. She graciously agreed to an interview because it was rare occasion when someone noticed the Pig Plight!
Petunia explained that the porcine intellectual class has finally revolted at the historical denial of their basic rights. The true cause of their plight simply stems from economics. She then oinked that the current global conflict is completely motivated by porcine economics. When asked to elaborate, she stated that only a fool would believe that oil, or theological/religious differences were the cause of the crisis between the Muslim and non- Muslim worlds.

We admitted that we were a bit confused by this position, considering the difference in the value of oil and hogs! She explained that there was more to this then meets the snout! The US is not sufficient in crude oil, but the US is almost supreme in corn production, and the US grows too many soybeans, if one uses the amount of agricultural subsidies as an indication that the real price is too low. No free market (non subsidy) farmer to be foolish enough to plant a soybean crop! The economics of sugar is even stranger.

Petunia explained that hogs can be raised anywhere, and nothing uses all that unwanted corn and soybean meal faster than growing piglets! She also mentioned that the new synthetic fuels made from crops had a few problems. So just solve the problem by raising hogs. But there were major economic/political problems involved. We responded that the solution seemed so obvious that only a fool could ignore it. She gently destroyed our simple view of politics by explaining the reality of the system.

The pork producers want the highest possible price, and the grain farmers are now addicted to their subsidies. Augmenting them are the state and federal employees who make their living from this system. Then we have to add the loss of political power that the politicians would take if free market mechanisms were allowed to return. This loss of their power would also result in a major economic loss for them, as the special interest groups would no longer give them large amounts of money to influence legislation! This creates another problem as it would also be the end of the special interest group scam.

There would also be a challenge to some of the religious groups, as they claim to have "divinely inspired" dietary rules. A major change to a pro pork position would suggest that the religious groups might have been less than forthcoming when they created their dietary laws. Petunia felt that some of the Creators spokespersons may have been influenced by filthy lucre!

Petunia went so far as to suggest that the pork producer groups may be influencing certain persons to create as much conflict as possible between the Muslim and non-Muslim world just to keep the price of pork high. It’s also interesting that this strategy keeps all the pork going, so to speak!

From the mouth of a swine came the truth of our time!


Everything, because we are now encountering a barrel shortage! The demand for Crude Oil has taken most of the barrel inventory, leaving few barrels available for pork! The pork purveyors (the government and it’s employees) are beginning to increase their larcenous ways, as recent revelations about US government officials, and their lobbyists, clearly prove! Take the money and run appears to be the current strategy!

What do they know? When did they first find out? That would be telling!
The old collectivist Franklin Delano Roosevelt had replaced Marie Antionette’s
famous statement "Let them eat cake"! with the unspoken "give em pork"! Tax and spend became the way of the land. Spend was more important than tax, as the current true national debt proves. The latest available estimate is over $40 trillion dollars!

The US has been on a pork diet for some 73 years. The pork analogy is very relevant here, as our financial system is obviously suffering from some horrible affliction. It may well be that the US has contracted Trichinellosis of the financial system.


We have been doing some serious abundance expressing! The results of running our lives under the direction of the pure light beings Orin and DaBen is hard to predict I wonder what happens when Orin, DaBen, and Ramtha disagree. How does a mere mortal reconcile conflicting light beams? We have allowed the pure energy receivers (channelers) to persuade us to think beyond scarcity and constraints. In fact, we have now expressed our grandchildren’s abundance. You can’t get any more unconstrained than this!


"Bush budget seeks
deep cutbacks". "The $2.58 trillion (£1.38 trillion) budget submitted to Congress affects 150 domestic programmes from farming to the environment, education and health"

Here we see the beginning of the end for the pork peddlers. The wailing and gnashing of teeth has already begun, but all the current administration has done is cut down the rate of increase of the pork buffet.

"The Senate took up far-reaching legislation yesterday that would slice $39 billion over the next five years from a slew of entitlement programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, student loans and agriculture subsidies, while raising revenue by opening Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. A final vote is due Thursday."


The Government must cut back as there is a major realignment of the economies of the world occurring, resulting in a loss of many of the highest paying jobs. The US economy continues to create new jobs, but many are at a significantly lower wage. The net effect is a permanent cutback of tax revenue, as the lower paying jobs generate significantly less tax revenue. Service economies are losers at generating tax revenue when compared to manufacturing economies.

Therefore, there must be continuing pressure on the government to cut spending to avert a financial debacle in the currency and debt markets of the world Governments will increase their cooperation in the economic sphere to ensure that the wealth generation process is sufficient to meet basic needs. Ah! There’s the rub! Basic needs will be redefined in the advanced countries, as the citizens have become accustomed to a non-sustainable standard of living!

Dr. Chris Martenson has described the situation very well in his recent article, U.S. IN TECHNICAL DEFAULT.

"Because in all my time studying economics I have determined only one thing; there’s no free lunch. Pay now or pay later but pay we will.

Or, more accurately, we hope that our kids will, and not stiff us for the bill. But if they did, who could blame them?

I, for one, would not be shocked."


The top song of the year 2010 is "Where has all the pork gone"

" far far away "

"Some of it went as far as Uruguay"



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