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Friday, March 06, 2009



WEEK 25 - 31
Trustee Says He’s Found $75 Million of Madoff’s
Democrats hold on to Madoff money
Madoff sell-off of Judaic items
Judge freezes Madoff's brother's assets
Inside Bernard Madoff's ponzi scheme
Money From Madoff Is Rerouted
Madoff's Wife Got $2 Million from UK Unit: Report
Madoff Fraud Charges Could Be Filed in UK This Year
Madoff Liquidator Says $2.6 Billion Will Pay Victims of Fraud
'Madoff Cheated on Wife' & Other D-Bag Accusations
Peter Madoff Will Seek to Challenge Asset Freeze, Lawyer Says
Geneva Whispers About New Money From Mumbai Amid Madoff Scandal

WEEK 17 - 24
I'm Bernard Madoff--I'm Telling All. Right Here. Trust Me
Madoff Congo scandal
Madoff’s Accountant Is Charged With Fraud
Madoff's lawyers to ask court to release him
Madoff Scheme Sinks Austrian Bank
Madoff the Magus
What Did Madoff Clan Really Know?
Madoff’s 19th Century Forerunner Shows Rules Can’t Stop Thieves
Email Scammers Support Harsh Sentence For Madoff
French officials to seize Ruth Madoff's chateau
Lawyer says Madoff assets reach $1 billion mark
Madoff, the Sit-Com
Why So Many Smart People Invested with Madoff

WEEK 09 - 16
Ruth Madoff to hire own attorney
Madoff Serfs Were Faking Trading Tickets
The Yeshiva World » Madoff Investors Prepare For Court ...
Madoff case sparks calls for global court over finance fraud
Sesame Street Explains The Madoff Scandal (VIDEO)
Madoff Had Accomplices: His Victims
Bernard Madoff swaps penthouse for a wardrobe-sized cell
Bernard Madoff is Small Potatoes Compared to the Government
Madoff Victims Want Answers, Not Apologies
Madoffs' assets totaled $823 million at end of '08
Bernie Madoff's Billionaire Victims
Ruth Madoff's assets may be frozen by Feds

WEEK 01 - 08
Madoff investors prepare for court confrontation
On the trail of Bernie Madoff
Madoff's Ponzi Scheme: $50 Billion Figure May Be Fictitious
Madoff Deal In the Works Crafted by Holder (Crafter of the Marc Rich Pardon)?
SEC Will Scrutinize How It Handles Tips After Missing Madoff
UBS loses ruling on Madoff documents
140 Madoff Victims Treated As One Person
Former Merril execs invested in Madoff funds: report
Synagogue taps eBay as Madoff losses reduce donations
BNP Loses Cases Against UBS Over Madoff
Bernie Madoff: Mystery Man
Unleashes on Madoff
Madoff Attorney Receiving Death Threats
Madoff's World
It's Official: Mrs Madoff is Delusional
Madoff's Wife Smart Enough Not To Get Fooled By Ponzi Scheme
Recovering taxes for Madoff victims is tough
Madoff Feeder Bank Medici Probed Criminally In Vienna
Bernard Madoff whistleblower on ‘60 Minutes’
Presumed Innocent? Bernie Madoff?
Family That Peddled Madoff Fund Now Social Pariahs
Big selloff...Madoff wants millions...Snow woes
Madoff clients' lawsuits look to others for recompense

Monday, February 02, 2009


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WEEK: 02/22--2/28
Madoff moved $164 million from UK firm to U.S.: receiver
Madoff Whistleblower On 60 Minutes: A Sneak Peak
Why SEC missed Madoff
90-Year-Old Madoff Client Goes Back to Work
Conn. lawmakers hold hearing on Madoff scandal
Connecticut Town Sues Over Madoff Losses
Elie Wiesel and Bernard Madoff
Madoff 101: Total Immersion for Lawyers
Obama Seeks SEC Overhaul With 13 Percent Budget Boost
Family feud! Lautenberg kin sue Madoff kin
Madoff and Merkin - the Pioneers of Odianthropy
Madoff-style economics: killing our country?
Madoff stashed $182 million in his nonprofit foundation as tax ploy
The dark lesson of Bernie Madoff
Luxembourg warns UBS on Madoff fraud
The investment scam-artist's playbook
IRS Under Pressure to Offer Tax Relief to Madoff Victims
Judge tosses New York company's Madoff suit
For Madoff, Reputation Is Apparently a One-Way Street
Judge Rules Against Late Investor With Madoff
Have Mexican Jews lost their wealth in Madoff-like scheme
Madoff Must Have Had Help, Lawyers Say, Citing Trustee Report
New York Mag makes up Madoff as a Monster
Bernard Madoff, “The Monster Mensch”
Bernie Madoff Turned Down $1 Billion
The Stock Market Blog: Bernie Madoff Victim Map
Beyond Basics: Madoff Scandal for Beginners/Conspiracy Theory

WEEK: 02/16--2/21
Madoff distortion makes some hedge funds look good
Austin Capital sued by pension fund over Madoff loss
BATS Exchange gets subpoena in Madoff case
The Tangled Web of Bernard Madoff's Network
Kucinich Launches Investigation: SEC Was Told To Back Off Stanford Group In 2006
Who’s behind Madoff?
Madoff ‘trades’ were illusions
Madoff trustee: No securities bought for customers in 13 years
Madoff scandal boon for mutual funds, DWS exec says
Madoff Brokerage Liquidator Subpoenas 13 Financial Institutions
Bank’s Madoff Settlement Doesn’t Impress Investors
Smash Bernard Madoff (The Doll) For $99.95
Stanford And Madoff: What Happens When People Want Their Money
Stanford, Madoff gave lots of dosh to politicians
Wall Streeters Kept Mum on Madoff Doubts: Report
The Madoff Bill
Madoff Victim Billionaire Walter Noel's Tropical Refuge
The 'Boston whistleblower' fingered Bernard Madoff for fraud
Madoff Trustee Picard Subpoenas Jefferies in Liquidation Case
Madoff aide falls under suspicion
Madoff doll a smashing success?
His foundation plundered, Elie Wiesel again rebuilds on ruins
Decade at Bernie’s

WEEK: 02/09--2/14
Madoff Whistleblower Harry Markopolos Tells Congress FDA Is Captured!
Bankers kept silent over Madoff fears
Investigator Details Bernie Madoff’s Relationship With Organized Crime
Madoff’s Wife Could Face Legal Trouble Attorneys Tell CBS
Does Ruth Madoff Need Her Own Lawyer?
Madoff Scandal Ensnares Order of Patron Saint for Moralists
Madoff Key Aide Recruited Her Neighbors as Investors
Donors want financial transparency for churches
Pursuer of Madoff blew a whistle for nine years
Imprisoned Felon Was Adviser to Madoff Investor
Another Madoff Investor Commits Suicide
Video: How Much Did Madoff Family Know?
Fragments From “Madoff! The Musical”
Understanding the Madoff Scandal
Madoff and blest credit
Web Abuzz With Madoff Sites Offering Info, Kitsch
More fraud possible, Madoff whistle-blower says
Let the whistle-blower run the SEC
Who Gets the Rest of Madoff's Money?
Madoff in Accord With SEC Ahead of Criminal Deadline
Madoff Claims Another Victim
Interview with Madoff client Ian Thiermann
Put your money into Madoff, bank urged wealthy clients
Lose money to Madoff? Don't cry to Uncle Sam.
Madoff's minions
Madoff's famous and sophisticated victims

WEEK: 02/02-02/07
Fairfield County 'ground zero' for Madoff scandal, victim list shows
Madoff Victim: "Bernie is Nobody's Friend"
Minn. economist: Madoff losses could cost state
Sharpton calls for justice outside Madoff’s home
SEC looks to reassure investors (Reuters) - Government
Bernard Madoff, the Mafia, and the Friends of Michael Milken
Savings lost to Madoff, elderly forced back to work
Treasury Has Overpaid $78B In TARP Transactions - Even better than Madoff
Madoff's Mark on Montana
Madoff victim: It all seemed legitimate
Those Closest To Madoff Got Burned Too
New SEC Chair Off and Running With Enforcement Measures
Madoff scandal affects prominent Seattle families
Madoff Marketer Met With UK’s Prince Charles, Markopolos Says
Bank Sent Clients’ Cash to Its Madoff Account
Did middleman know about Madoff losses beforehand?
Bulletproof Madoff
More famous names emerge among the thousands in Madoff client list
The Canadian link to Bernard Madoff is becoming clear
Madoff Marketer Met With UK’s Prince Charles, Markopolos Says
US law firm files Madoff class action in New York
Notable on Madoff List, Mets Say They’re Fine

Markopolos RIPS SEC - C-SPAN - part 1
Markopolos RIPS SEC - C-SPAN - part 2

SEC's failure to catch Madoff baffles panel
Greatest Sports Deal Undone ... By Madoff?
Lawmakers accuse SEC of hindering Madoff probe
SEC's Madoff Miss Fits Pattern Set With Pequot
How to Run a Financial Fraud
The Madoff fallout continues
Jewish foundations lost at least $2.3 billion with Madoff
Madoff exposes the real failings of the Jewish world
Man who warned about Bernard Madoff to testify
Madoff: The Broker of Greed and the Myth of the Pyramid
Reporter Arrested At Madoff’s Front Door
Inside Bernie Madoff's Offices
Expose Corrupt Courts: Dreier Bail Decision by Friday; Madoff ...
Harry Markopolos, Madoff Whistleblower, Feared for His Safety
Report: 3 Million Madoff Victims
Mich. Teens Say They Pranked Madoff
Petras: Bernard Madoff
U.S. court asked to halt Santander's Madoff payout
Madoff Liquidator Gets $535M In Brokerage Assets
Hedge Fund Sues Auditors Over Madoff Reports
Bernie Madoff bodyguard to quit
How Madoff's Ponzi scheme was unravelled
Bernard Madoff - Another Layer "of the Onion" is Peeled Away
Madoff investors getting bailout

Saturday, December 13, 2008


To February Headlines

WEEK: 01/25-01/31

Bulletproof Madoff
The Madoff files: Bernie's billions
Young Jeezy vs. Bernie Madoff
In Jail for Fraud, Inmate Claims Madoff Cheated Him
Madoff and America’s (poorer) Foundations
Madoff results were impossible to replicate
Psychologist profiles Madoff
JPMorgan Exited Madoff-Linked Funds Last Fall
JPMorgan Pulled Out Of Madoff Funds In Fall 2008: What Did They Know?
Madoff: SEC defends its role
Bernard Madoff paper trail leads to NYC warehouse
Is Bernard Madoff’s Wife an accessory to a crime?
SPIN METER: Congress missed SEC napping on Madoff
Live-Blogging the Senate’s Madoff Hearing
Madoff investors: Not so innocent after all
Santander Reimburses Clients Who Lost Money With Madoff
Bernie Madoff’s Gullible Investors and Guileless Regulators
Ignorance is not bliss
Many fruitless probes into Madoff
Trust-Fund Kids Strike Back at Madoff
Madoff in Manhattan
Zsa Zsa Gabor lost up to $10 million with Madoff
Madoff Associate Ordered by Court to Attend Interview
Signs Madoff’s Victims Are Flushed With Anger
Bayou Group Ponzi scheme case poses questions for Madoff investors
Is Madoff a psychopath?

WEEK: 01/19-01/24

Madoff Movie Takes On "Slumdog Millionaire"
The Talented Mr. Madoff
Moral of the Madoff scandal: Check out financial advisors
Larry King the Latest Big Loser in Bernie Madoff Scandal
US SEC needs complete overhaul after Madoff
Not Just Super Rich Getting Destroyed By “The Madoff
SEC Charges Missing Florida Fund Manager
Jews struggle to come to grips with Madoff
Millionaire widow cleans houses after losing Madoff investment
Madoff's trading fiction
Trustee Wants to Ditch Madoff’s Fleet of Luxury Autos
Madoff Shows Banks Must Become Whistleblowers
Exception Is Sought for Some Madoff Cash
Probers Work Backward on Madoff
Broker with ties to Madoff will miss 2d state hearing
The Latest in Madoff Madness: New York Judge Denies Plaintiffs
Paris prosecutors open probe into Madoff fraud
Madoff’s Nephew Forced To Sell Home
1992 Ponzi Case Missed Signals About Madoff
Madoff-hit Luxembourg funds halt redemptions
How did so many smart people fall for Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme?
Madoff case a boon for law firms
Readers outraged by Madoff scandal's damage
Madoff 'curse' dwarfs terrorist rockets for US Jews
Brazilians Lost ‘Millions’ in Madoff Funds
Madoff ties were never pursued
Wall Street Powerhouses Invested Alongside Madoff

WEEK: 01/11- 01/17

Bernie Madoff, Frat Brother
Madoff’s “How To Sell” Business Book!!!
Madoff's mother tangled with the feds
Cuomo Subpoenas Madoff Investor
Schapiro Pledges Vigilance as SEC Chief
Mo. employee retirement fund takes $3.5M hit from Madoff
Morgan Stanley, Citigroup Clients Said to Invest in Madoff Fund
Madoff Brokerage May Fetch No More Than $10 Million
Madoff-Swindled Kevin Bacon Admits 'I Need To Work'
Advice for Bernard Madoff - Gothamist
Man Plans Madoff Lawsuits
Madoff’s Fashion Statement: a Bullet-Proof Vest
Madoff Mayhem in the Intersection!
Madoff remains free as second judge rejects bid to jail him
’92 Ponzi Case Missed Signals About Madoff
But Is Madoff Not So Good for the Jews? Discuss Among Yourselves
HSBC, UBS May Be Liable on Madoff as Fund Custodians
A Madoff Cookbook Has a Secret, Too
Lawyers Seek to Keep Madoff Free
Spain: prosecutor probing Madoff fraud
Madoff Might Not Have Made Any Trades
Was Bernie Madoff a Mafia Front?
Planned Parenthood cuts staff after Madoff scandal causes funding loss
Biggest Listed Hedge Fund to Sue over Madoff Exposure
What Madoff could learn from Ponzi
Hedge Funds Post Record $350 Billion Loss in 2008 Amid Turmoil
Madoff Associate Fails to Make Massachusetts Hearing
Madoff and Mutual Funds
Cuomo Probing Charity Fraud Tied to Madoff Scandal
The Trouble With Bernie: Nine Ways to Avoid a Madoff When You Meet Him
Bernie Madoff's Victims: Why Some Have No Recourse
Will Someone Kill Bernie Madoff?
Madoff Sparks French Fund Lawsuit to Pry EU30 Million From UBS
Madoff’s Freedom Ignites Rage of Neighbors Who Want Him Jailed
Bernard Madoff avoids jail
Ruth Madoff’s Cookbook Got Shut Down for Trademark Infringement
Jail or penthouse? NY judge to rule on Madoff bail
Obama's SEC pick could face bumpy ride over Madoff
Madoff Apologizes to Neighbors for the Ultimate Co-Op Crime
Half of Madoff loss borne by foreigners
Madoff whistleblower wants to be left alone
Bernard Madoff - chaos still emerging
Ponzi's Original Swindle
"That union money is gone"
The real Madoff game
Madoff Gets One More Weekend Without Bars
“Hellishly hot” sauce dedicated to Bernard Madoff
Bernard Madoff pair among fraud victims
The Other McCain: Bernie Madoff, pro-lifer?
Brace for more Madoff scandals
Madoff 'had $173m in cheques in office'
New Timing on Madoff’s Confession
Report: Madoff's Sister Among Scammed Victims
'Victims' of Madoff Scandal Do Math, Realize They Profited

WEEK: 01/04- 01/10

Madoff Crony Ezra Merkin Resigns as GMAC Chairman
Here's Why Madoff Smiles

Madoff Crony Abruptly Resigns From Broward Arts Center
How Madoff Is Burning the SEC (SEC circa 1992)
Madoff Trail Leads to Washington
Madoff’s [Nantucket] island ties
Madoff Brother, at Arm's Length?
GMAC Chairman With Ties to Madoff Steps Down
Madoff affair 'needs Scots probe'
'Madoff-ed' best-selling writer back at work
Mackenzie Hedge Fund Loses Money With Madoff, Globe Says
New Timing on Madoff’s Confession
Where Has Bernie Madoff Buried His Loot?
When it Comes to Bernie Madoff, Congress is More ...
Madoff, the Most Trusted Name in Securities ...
Madoff Scandal Hits Labor Union Pension Funds
Marc Rich Among Those Facing Madoff Losses
Accused swindler Madoff "warm and charming": report
Prosecutors: Madoff tried to protect $300M
Another Day, Another Ponzi
Madoff scam seemed hard to miss
Three Cases of Madoff Anger Syndrome
The Harvard Crimson Grant Foundation Hit in Madoff Scheme
Debate rages over whether Madoff should be in jail
Madoff and me: 1 victim's story
Was Our Whole Economy One Giant Ponzi Scheme?

Madoff ties bring down a brash Viennese banker
'The Rabbi' who was pivotal in fundraising

Austria’s ‘Woman on Wall St.’ and Madoff
Harley International Fund Said to Have Invested With Madoff
Bernard Madoff investors may begin recovering funds in a month
Madoff Tried to Stave Off Firm's Crash
Madoff should be jailed - US
Madoff Received $250 Million Ten Days Before Firm's Crash
N.Y. Judge Restrains Merkin Funds In Madoff Lawsuit
Thousands of claim forms sent to Madoff customers
Welcome to Ponzi purgatory
Madoff Chasers Dug for Years, to No Avail

How Madoff suckered an expert on gullibility
How Did Madoff Fool the SEC?
Bernie Madoff Leaves Apartment, Headed To Bail Hearing (VIDEO)
Madoff scandal, SEC role under scrutiny
US Seeks to Imprison Madoff for $1 Million Transfer
Madoff Gets Break As Lawmakers Hammer SEC
Madoff Remains Free as Judge Considers Prison Request
Congress Demands SEC Speed Madoff Inquiry to Improve Oversight
Prosecutors Want Madoff’s Bail Revoked
Madoff's Sons Told U.S. Prosecutors About Transfer of Jewelry, Lawyer Says
SEC Watchdog to be Questioned about Madoff Scandal
Regulators Said to Probe Madoff Eight Times Over 16 Years
SEC watchdog to be questioned about Madoff scandal
Journal Finds More Regulatory Failures on Madoff : CJR

We are all Madoff investors
Wall Street ‘red light’ on Madoff
How Palm Beach's ultrarich are recovering from the financial scandal
Madoff 's Victims Unlikely To Recover Much Money
SEC watchdog to be questioned about Madoff scandal
Madoff probed by regulators at least 8 times: WSJ

SEC Must ‘Defend Its Existence’ After Madoff Lapses
BALTIMORE PENSIONS Baltimore pensions lose $3.5M in Madoff fund
Madoff Crimes Hurt ACLU and Other Groups
Madoff Paraphernalia, of All Sorts, Landing on eBay

WEEK: 12/29- 01/03

Madoff crony charged with bilking house-cleaner of $124,000 life savings
Why We Keep Falling for Financial Scams
SPIC: $500,000 to each Madoff victim
Metro Views: Madoff and the 'miraculous dollar'
How to Avoid Getting Burned by the Next Bernard Madoff
Madoff Investor’s Suicide Was an ‘Act of Honor,’ Brother Says
NY business sues Madoff to get back $10 million

Madoff Exposed Investors' Weak Spots
The End of the Financial World as We Know It (related)
The Jewish federation in Tornoto lost $500000 in Madoff scheme
The time is right for Madoff: The Movie
Austria Says It's Taking Control Of Bank Medici After Madoff Hit
Madoff Accepted $10 Million From Investor 6 Days Before Arrest
Madoff’s Asset List Won’t Be Made Public, US Regulator Says
Madoff Investor’s Suicide Leaves Questions
Madoff Investors’ Lawyers Investigate Role of Connecticut Bank
Madoff gives SEC list of his assets
Madoff's assets to be kept secret
How much money does Madoff really have?
Madoff lists assets for SEC; agency mum on details
What if Bush Pardoned Bernie Madoff?
Tremont Sued by Investors Over Losses to Madoff ‘Ponzi Scheme’
Austria Weighs Overseer for Bank in Madoff Case
Thieves return Madoff statue, with note attached
Montana Investors Lost $18 Million With Madoff, Regulator Says
In Ironic Twist, Taxpayers ...
Madoff and me

Thanks To AIG, Taxpayers May Be On The Hook For Madoff Losses

SEC Halts $23 Million Ponzi Scheme Targeting Haitians

SEC inaction that helped fuel scheme

What Happened To Madoff's Money?

Latest developments of the Madoff case, with CNBC's Mary Thompson
Latest Madoff Victim: You
Judge approves release of Madoff assets
Madoff Sued by Three New York Investors Over Fraud, Payments
Kyra and Kevin Victims of Madoff Investment Scandal
Charities Wiped Out By Madoff Mess
Yeshiva’s Madoff Losses Based on ‘Fictitious’ Profits
Madoff Spotlight Turns to Role of Offshore Funds
Mary Schapiro & Madoff family ties - map
Madoff attorneys explore insanity defense
If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?

Blog Runner special Madoff page (tons of articles)

Madoff Gives Us Lots to Think About This Christmas

Madoff Firm Trustee Seeks $28 Million for Liquidation

Madoff, Malibu and the Miracle Mile
NY judge may weigh wider Madoff investor relief
Madoff Case Set to Start Wednesday
The Year of Madoff
Crackdown on hedge funds after Madoff affair
Rich Latin Americans remain quiet over Madoff losses
Shaky Foundations & Bernie Madoff
Madoff's Victims to Review His Wallet
Madoff Firm Trustee Seeks $28 Million for Liquidation
Is Social Security a Ponzi Scheme? (something to chew on)
Bernie Madoff’s Sales Secret #1
Suburban D.A. Ends Probe Of Madoff Auditor
Madoff probe widens to middlemen

WEEK DEC 22-28
'Credit Suisse lost SwFr1bn to Madoff'
Controversial LaRouche On The Madoff scandal
Everybody’s Business They Told Me That Madoff Never Lost Money
Burns: Counting the costs of the Madoff case
Trust and Exploitation in a Close-Knit World
Madoff probe focuses on tax havens
Madoff's Money Trail Leads to Washington
Judge Rules Madoff Must Reveal Assets By End Of Year
Brother of Madoff suicide investor said he lost his own money
Inside Look: Spotting the Next Madoff
Early Suspicions About Bernard Madoff
Antisemites feast on Madoff misery
Don't Ask, Don't Tell

'Forrest Gump' Eric Roth screenwriter sues over Madoff losses

Madoff Scam Will Hit the Feds Too
What drove Bernie Madoff
‘Notorious’ Madoff’s Fleece, Disaster Kit on Auction at EBay
Rabbi: Kick Madoff out of the Jewish people
Madoff to Reveal Assets as Investors Sue for Funds
Madoff Investor De La Villehuchet Lost Own Money, AP Reports
Gullibility, Madoff, and Fiscal Stimulus

74% of Americans think Madoff’s behavior is common - poll

Top Ten Quotes About Madoff
The Bernie Madoff I Knew
Madoff Scheme Takes New Toll
Madoff: The man who sold the world
Early Suspicions About Bernard Madoff
Press reports document criminality of US financial elite
Lloyd's of London braced for claims after Madoff meltdown
Madoff's $50bn scam may be the first of many
Doubts grow on whether Madoff acted alone in fraud
Madoff's greatest talent
French shareholders want list of Madoff losses
Madoff coverage on
Socialites step down as chairs of fund-raiser
Investor tries to hold SEC liable for Madoff losses

Madoff scandal raises issue of Obama nominees regulating financial markets
In Madoff Scandal, Jews Feel an Acute Betrayal
Bank Medici Ensnared by Madoff Losses After Winning Fund Award
Nancy Silverton loses millions in Madoff investment
NYU Sues Merkin, Hedge Funds, Over $24 Million Madoff Loss
Fund Manager Ordered Not to Destroy Madoff Documents
Wall St. Fraud Prosecutions Fall Sharply
Madoff investor found dead (various links)
Madoff's European web widens
Anti-Semitism and the Madoff Scandal - ADL
The Jewish Journal Complete Coverage
Bernie Madoff: Lightning Rod for anti-Semitism?
In Madoff Scandal, Jews Feel an Acute Sense of Betrayal
Madoff Case Raises Compliance Questions
Madoff Litigation Mounts: Largest Feeder Funds (and SEC) Get Sued
Could SEC Have Stopped Madoff Scam In 1992?
L’Oreal Heiress Bettencourt Said to Have Invested With Madoff
Madoff and the ‘I’ve Got a Guy’ Syndrome
Could Madoff Have Acted Alone? (video)
The London connection

The Bernard Madoff connection
Cogitamus: More Madoff Madness
Who is Bernie Madoff? Many Investors Didn't Ask

Obama blames laissez-faire regulators for $50bn Madoff scandal

Madoff victims could turn to tax code for relief
Madoff Investor Commits Suicide
Accounting sleuths on the trail of Madoff money
Love, Madoff And The SEC
The Yeshaya Horowitz Association closed due to Madoff
Family members are central figures in Madoff saga
Hedge Funds Concede Oversight Inevitability in Wake of Madoff

Madoff Scam: "He’s a person of integrity..."

Feds: More market fraud yet to surface after Madoff scam
Madoff's auditor under ethics probe by CPAs group

What We Wrote About Madoff
Blumenthal May Investigate Charities Ripped Off By Madoff
Bernie Madoff's man to see
Bernie Madoff had a job saving lives, now he's killed dreams
Did Madoff investors overlook the obvious?
Firm Built on Madoff Ties Faces Tough Questions
Fischer Says Madoff Shows How Smart Investors Missed Crisis
Hedge funds close at record rate (The Madoff story stinks)

WEEK DEC 14 - 21

SEC Nominee Has Madoff Connection
Peter Schiff on The Madoff Scandal Dec 17 2008
The Ponzi Scheme As Way of Life
Madoff Fraud Statement [Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity]
Rating Agencies' Game Worse Than Madoff's Scheme
Bernard Madoff: Wall Street Swindler Strikes Powerful Blows for Social Justice
Madoff Fleeced Fifth Avenue Synagogue For $2 Billion
Could James Simons be the next Bernie Madoff?
Bernard Madoff Deserves The Life Sentence
SEC Ignored Detailed 2005 Complaint re: Madoff
IOC has nearly $5 million tied to Madoff
Madoff Ponzi Scam and Boom-Bust cycles
Don’t bank on a day of reckoning

Fixing the SEC
Madoff’s Accountant ‘Was Taken’ Like Other Investors, Man Says
Bernard Madoff 'fraud': Increased scrutiny in hedge fund industry
Losses to Nonprofits, Personal Fortunes May Top $1 Billion
The Madoff Economy
The Bag Lady Papers
We're All Madoff
Madoff casts shadow over Rolex as chief executive Patrick Heiniger quits
Attorney: Madoff Clients, Don't Spend That Money
Madoff's financial empire audited by tiny firm: one guy
Madoff Misled SEC
Did Madoff act alone?
Why investors don't care about Madoff
Madoff’s Bail Should Be Revoked, New York Lawmaker Weiner Says
Obama on Madoff scandal, Rick Warren
Authorities Ease Madoff’s Bail Terms
Madoff scandal could lead to tax losses nationwide
Madoff mobbed by photographers after court
The Madoff File (must read)
Madoff moved the money to Israel?
The Big Lie theory
Madoff fraud could burn those who pulled out early

Madoff Scandal Shaking Real Estate Industry
Madoff's rise fueled by leverage, controversial fees
Bernie Madoff, anti-Claus, scars markets for years
New SEC chief gave Madoff's son a job
Scandal dampens the charity galas
Rating Agencies' Game Worse Than Madoff's Scheme

Questions about NY firm that handled Madoff audit
Madoff’s Wife Said to Be Investigated Over Ponzi Scheme Records
Questions surround firm that handled Madoff audit
Connecticut Town Loses Big in Wake of Madoff's Alleged Ponzi Scheme
Madoff Put Under House Arrest as SEC Admits Detection Failure
U.S. Jews ponder catastrophic effects of Madoff fraud affair
In Madoff We Trust

Daily Kos Declared Bernie Madoff Progressives No1 Enemy

SEC to Probe Its Ties to Madoffs
In Fraud Case, Middlemen in Spotlight
Put Madoff In Charge of Social Security
Madoff employed niece wed to SEC compliance director
Will Bailout Money Save Madoff or Wall Street Ponzi Scams
Merkin, Ascot Fund Sued Over Madoff Investments
Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP is Investigating Madoff ...
70 years before Madoff, there was Whitney
SEC Chief Says Staff Ignored Warnings on Madoff
SEC Issues Mea Culpa on Madoff
How a Pyramid Scheme Takes Shape
Madoff ran vast options game (to cheat his clients)
SEC Official Married into Madoff Family
Seriously…Madoff Investors Want A Bailout?
Madoff Crisis Hits Europe Hard
Spitzer's arrest due to Madoff investigation?
Madoff Scandal Deals Blow to SEC
White Collar Crime Prof Blog: Madoff
Madoff Bragged About Profits To SEC While Advising On Oversight
VIDEO: Bernie Madoff on the modern stock market in 2007 (must see)
Madoff bought influence in Washington
Exploring Madoff's Ponzi Scheme Will Unveil the Causes of This Global Monetary Crisis
Jewish Charities Shut Down Following Madoff 'Ponzi Scheme' Wipeout
SEC Didn't Act on Madoff 1999 Tips
Inquiry Finds No Signs Family Aided Madoff

OppenheimerFunds Inc., had $3.3 billion, or more than half its total asset
British banks losing billions to ‘one big lie’ in biggest ever fraud
Madoff Investors May Be Protected By Government

Madoff Sued in Investor Class Action, Lawyer Says
RBS and Man Group fall victim to Madoff's 'big lie'
Bernie Madoff's Victims: The List
Palm Beach Smashed By Hurricane Bernie

European banks suffer new hit from Madoff scanda
Swiss bank sees $327M at risk in Madoff affair
Santander Clients Have $3.1 Billion With Madoff (Update1)
BNP Paribas May Lose as Much as EU350 Million on Madoff Lending
Madoff Fraud Ensnares Boston Philanthropist Shapiro, Globe Says
Reichmuth Warns Investors of $330 Million in Madoff Losses
List of potential victims grows in Bernard Madoff fraud case
Rich and powerful top Madoff's fraud victims: report
Madoff is active political donor
Madoff Wall Street fraud threatens Jewish philanthropy
Madoff's Victims Range from Big Firms to Individuals
HSBC joins victims of Madoff’s alleged fraud
Massachusetts School of Law dean among Madoff investors
Bernard Madoff: Wall Street's Wizard of Oz

'Superwoman' stung by hedge fund guru's '$50bn trading scam'
Saturday, 13 December 2008

Laurence Leamer: Bernard Madoff and the Jews of Palm Beach
In Palm Beach, tt was an honor having Bernard Madoff handle your fortune. Yesterday Madoff was arrested and accused of running what probably will prove the greatest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world. Dec 12, 2008

Bernie Madoff Comes Out of the Closet
by: SA Editors December 12, 2008

Madoff Case: The World's Biggest Ever Heist
Felix Salmon December 12, 2008

Wall Street's Latest Downfall: Madoff Charged with Fraud
December 12, 2008

Specifically, we're hearing that the smart money KNEW Bernie had to be cheating, because the returns he was generating were impossibly good. Many Wall Streeters suspected the wrong rigged game, though: They thought it was insider trading, not a Ponzi scheme. And here's the best part: That's why they invested with him. Dec 12, 2008

How Can You Spot A Wall Street Crook?
$50 billion at stake after Wall St broker Bernard Madoff is arrested over ‘world’s biggest swindle’: December 13, 2008

Lessons For Madoff Investors From The Bayou Fund Ponzi Scheme

Dec 12, 2008

Madoff case to rock already shaky hedge funds

Geneva banks lost more than $4 bln to Madoff-paper

Sat Dec 13, 2008

SEC got tips about Madoff several years ago

December 13th

Is Bernie Madoff Jewish? Very. Oy.
December 12, 2008

Investor Furor Over '$50B Scam'
December 13, 2008