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Monday, February 02, 2009


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WEEK: 02/22--2/28
Madoff moved $164 million from UK firm to U.S.: receiver
Madoff Whistleblower On 60 Minutes: A Sneak Peak
Why SEC missed Madoff
90-Year-Old Madoff Client Goes Back to Work
Conn. lawmakers hold hearing on Madoff scandal
Connecticut Town Sues Over Madoff Losses
Elie Wiesel and Bernard Madoff
Madoff 101: Total Immersion for Lawyers
Obama Seeks SEC Overhaul With 13 Percent Budget Boost
Family feud! Lautenberg kin sue Madoff kin
Madoff and Merkin - the Pioneers of Odianthropy
Madoff-style economics: killing our country?
Madoff stashed $182 million in his nonprofit foundation as tax ploy
The dark lesson of Bernie Madoff
Luxembourg warns UBS on Madoff fraud
The investment scam-artist's playbook
IRS Under Pressure to Offer Tax Relief to Madoff Victims
Judge tosses New York company's Madoff suit
For Madoff, Reputation Is Apparently a One-Way Street
Judge Rules Against Late Investor With Madoff
Have Mexican Jews lost their wealth in Madoff-like scheme
Madoff Must Have Had Help, Lawyers Say, Citing Trustee Report
New York Mag makes up Madoff as a Monster
Bernard Madoff, “The Monster Mensch”
Bernie Madoff Turned Down $1 Billion
The Stock Market Blog: Bernie Madoff Victim Map
Beyond Basics: Madoff Scandal for Beginners/Conspiracy Theory

WEEK: 02/16--2/21
Madoff distortion makes some hedge funds look good
Austin Capital sued by pension fund over Madoff loss
BATS Exchange gets subpoena in Madoff case
The Tangled Web of Bernard Madoff's Network
Kucinich Launches Investigation: SEC Was Told To Back Off Stanford Group In 2006
Who’s behind Madoff?
Madoff ‘trades’ were illusions
Madoff trustee: No securities bought for customers in 13 years
Madoff scandal boon for mutual funds, DWS exec says
Madoff Brokerage Liquidator Subpoenas 13 Financial Institutions
Bank’s Madoff Settlement Doesn’t Impress Investors
Smash Bernard Madoff (The Doll) For $99.95
Stanford And Madoff: What Happens When People Want Their Money
Stanford, Madoff gave lots of dosh to politicians
Wall Streeters Kept Mum on Madoff Doubts: Report
The Madoff Bill
Madoff Victim Billionaire Walter Noel's Tropical Refuge
The 'Boston whistleblower' fingered Bernard Madoff for fraud
Madoff Trustee Picard Subpoenas Jefferies in Liquidation Case
Madoff aide falls under suspicion
Madoff doll a smashing success?
His foundation plundered, Elie Wiesel again rebuilds on ruins
Decade at Bernie’s

WEEK: 02/09--2/14
Madoff Whistleblower Harry Markopolos Tells Congress FDA Is Captured!
Bankers kept silent over Madoff fears
Investigator Details Bernie Madoff’s Relationship With Organized Crime
Madoff’s Wife Could Face Legal Trouble Attorneys Tell CBS
Does Ruth Madoff Need Her Own Lawyer?
Madoff Scandal Ensnares Order of Patron Saint for Moralists
Madoff Key Aide Recruited Her Neighbors as Investors
Donors want financial transparency for churches
Pursuer of Madoff blew a whistle for nine years
Imprisoned Felon Was Adviser to Madoff Investor
Another Madoff Investor Commits Suicide
Video: How Much Did Madoff Family Know?
Fragments From “Madoff! The Musical”
Understanding the Madoff Scandal
Madoff and blest credit
Web Abuzz With Madoff Sites Offering Info, Kitsch
More fraud possible, Madoff whistle-blower says
Let the whistle-blower run the SEC
Who Gets the Rest of Madoff's Money?
Madoff in Accord With SEC Ahead of Criminal Deadline
Madoff Claims Another Victim
Interview with Madoff client Ian Thiermann
Put your money into Madoff, bank urged wealthy clients
Lose money to Madoff? Don't cry to Uncle Sam.
Madoff's minions
Madoff's famous and sophisticated victims

WEEK: 02/02-02/07
Fairfield County 'ground zero' for Madoff scandal, victim list shows
Madoff Victim: "Bernie is Nobody's Friend"
Minn. economist: Madoff losses could cost state
Sharpton calls for justice outside Madoff’s home
SEC looks to reassure investors (Reuters) - Government
Bernard Madoff, the Mafia, and the Friends of Michael Milken
Savings lost to Madoff, elderly forced back to work
Treasury Has Overpaid $78B In TARP Transactions - Even better than Madoff
Madoff's Mark on Montana
Madoff victim: It all seemed legitimate
Those Closest To Madoff Got Burned Too
New SEC Chair Off and Running With Enforcement Measures
Madoff scandal affects prominent Seattle families
Madoff Marketer Met With UK’s Prince Charles, Markopolos Says
Bank Sent Clients’ Cash to Its Madoff Account
Did middleman know about Madoff losses beforehand?
Bulletproof Madoff
More famous names emerge among the thousands in Madoff client list
The Canadian link to Bernard Madoff is becoming clear
Madoff Marketer Met With UK’s Prince Charles, Markopolos Says
US law firm files Madoff class action in New York
Notable on Madoff List, Mets Say They’re Fine

Markopolos RIPS SEC - C-SPAN - part 1
Markopolos RIPS SEC - C-SPAN - part 2

SEC's failure to catch Madoff baffles panel
Greatest Sports Deal Undone ... By Madoff?
Lawmakers accuse SEC of hindering Madoff probe
SEC's Madoff Miss Fits Pattern Set With Pequot
How to Run a Financial Fraud
The Madoff fallout continues
Jewish foundations lost at least $2.3 billion with Madoff
Madoff exposes the real failings of the Jewish world
Man who warned about Bernard Madoff to testify
Madoff: The Broker of Greed and the Myth of the Pyramid
Reporter Arrested At Madoff’s Front Door
Inside Bernie Madoff's Offices
Expose Corrupt Courts: Dreier Bail Decision by Friday; Madoff ...
Harry Markopolos, Madoff Whistleblower, Feared for His Safety
Report: 3 Million Madoff Victims
Mich. Teens Say They Pranked Madoff
Petras: Bernard Madoff
U.S. court asked to halt Santander's Madoff payout
Madoff Liquidator Gets $535M In Brokerage Assets
Hedge Fund Sues Auditors Over Madoff Reports
Bernie Madoff bodyguard to quit
How Madoff's Ponzi scheme was unravelled
Bernard Madoff - Another Layer "of the Onion" is Peeled Away
Madoff investors getting bailout