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Thursday, July 06, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth by James Jaeger

06 July 2006


This is the most important film ever made.

Gore and the filmmakers make the case that Global Warming is real and the subtext is that it's an extinction level event.

We have 10 years to make significant changes. The 10 years started in 2005. The film doesn't say this or the above, and leaves out a few important studies (such as Global Dimming) and conclusions (such as Fusion and Solar are the answers) but nevertheless, the film will get the public pointed in the right direction.

So get that idiot, bozo neighbor of yours or your stupid moron brother or your God-will-save-us friend and DRAG them to the theater. If they refuse to go, CUSS them out real good and tell them you will never talk to them again. Then follow through with this threat if they don't go.

People that are still denying global warming and/or causing it ARE THE ENEMY! Period. Treat them as such by not supporting or fraternizing with them. OSAMA BIN LADIN is your best friend compared to Global Warming. Hitler is your bosom buddy compared to Global Warming. Gengis Kahn is a sweetheart compared to Global Warming. Stalin is someone you can bring home to meet your mother, compared to Global Warming.

Put simply: We as humans don't want to screw with Global Warming.

Al Gore was too modest and politically correct to say what I have just said, but you could tell, this is what he was thinking as he delivered the movie. So there, I have said it for him.

The Solution to our Problems:


In Kunster's book, THE LONG EMERGENCY, Kunster paints a very bleak future of the post-plentiful-oil world we are entering now that PEAK OIL has probably happened. I concur with his basic analysis of the chaos that will ensue when a world of 6.5 billion people -- allowed to grow because of easy, abundant oil -- finds its tank on empty and no gasoline stations in site.
BUT, there is at least one major flaw in his thinking. He completely overlooks plasma fusion. Chapter four, "Beyond Oil," explores: natural gas, hydrogen, coal, hydroelectric, solar, wind, synthetic oil, thermal depolymerization, methane hydrates, zero-point energy and nuclear energy (fission).

He admits he is ignorant on zero point, but he makes NO MENTION OF PLASMA FUSION. Major outpoint.

As I have written many times here and countless other places, I stand firm that our energy problem AND global warming problem can be simultaneously solved by pushing through:

Distributed nano-assisted solar can, and will, be able to supply enough electricity to power HOMES and SMALL BUSINESSES.

Centralized plasma fusion will be needed to supply the electrical requirements of TRANSPORTATION and HEAVY INDUSTRY.

A can arrive in 5 years and B can arrive in 10 years (see IF the world's opinion leader nations direct a majority of their efforts to developing these two technologies. Allocating intellectual power and money to other items on Kunstler's list will only cause his so-called LONG EMERGENCY to materialize.

Focusing on A and B will allow the world to segue into its next energy infrastructure and move us towards all the incredible things science and technology will deliver. Robert Zubrin, in his most important book, ENTERING SPACE, outlines the terawattage the planet needs into the next 100 years and how it can be made available.

Traitors in High Places:
We can't let the nuts take over the insane asylum. Both houses of Congress and the Executive MUST be flushed out. Religionists with deus ex machina panaceas have their heads in the sand. Congress is in a condition of treason to U.S. citizens and others in the world by reason of their negligent actions and inactions, among with are failure to provide appropriate security, wasting resources, taking bribes, failing to brief the public in a meaningful way and failure to follow the supreme law of the land. INCONVENIENT TRUTH conveys the feeling that the current people in political power are insane fools. And they are.

What you can do now:
No matter what party you are a member of, DON'T vote for an incumbent. The incumbents are insane fools. New blood is thus part of the solution. Also a greater number of congressmen should be technically- and science-oriented. Lawyers are no longer appropriate as members of Congress because the congressmen are elected to MAKE DECISIONS on behalf of the People. Lawyers, which most of Congress is currently comprised of, are not qualified to make the kinds of decisions that are required in today's technological world. This is why nothing is getting done and why these people will take us over the cliff unless we IMMEDIATELY replace them with fresh talent and THEN start qualifying the fresh talent by upgrading it to representatives that HAVE backgrounds in science and technology.

Get what I am saying:
1. We need to PURGE all of Congress now. Their network of double dealing with each other to ensure their mutual pork programs at the public's expense is no longer tolerable.
2. We need to vote in non-incumbents now. There will be chaos, but the new blood will open the door to significant change and fresh ideas. This will result in out-of-the-box thinking and solutions that will eventually bring order to the initial chaos.
3. Once the new blood is in Congress, many of them will still be lawyers and incompetents. These people need to be FURTHER qualified, keeping the gems and replacing the incompetents with decision makers that have backgrounds in science and technology who can make rational decisions based on real data.

This is a three-step process:
Step 1: Fire all the incompetents indiscriminately.
Step 2: Bring in new appointments for both parties.
Step 3: Upgrade the new appointments with people trained in science and technology.

ANY OTHER PROGRAM WILL DELAY AND FAIL. It will not allow the rational people who understand the situation to function in a timely and appropriate manner. The world has caught fire and it's NOT terrorism. Terrorism is only a SYMPTOM. The resources of the planet are being mismanaged and misappropriated by idiots and bozos. An untrained human brain, nor a Congress of untrained human brains simply can't make the proper sequence of decisions that will lead to viable programs and projects, projects that will result in an improved planetary condition. As a world, we are in an EMERGENCY condition. The next condition down is DANGER. The one after that is NON-EXISTENCE. That means you are DEAD because your planet's climate and/or biosphere no longer exists in a condition sufficient to your life support or the life support of the project of civilization.

To get out of EMERGENCY we need to promote people and technologies that have long-term viability. We need to by-pass those people and technologies that have brought us to the condition of emergence we now face.

(if you are pro-global warming, check this out)


  • The topic of global warming deserves some attention. Not in a reactionary way as the above author has proceeded, but as a learning tool of the machinations of the powers that be. In general there are two schools of thought: the first sees global warming as a real event and as such a threat to our existence. The second see the manifestation of the global warming threat as a power play by the powers. The former make the case with their "scientific studies" as do the later. The arctic core sample temperature record indicates many more elevated temperature events as well as decreases in temperature way before man's industrial spew. So let's refute the "global warming" panic right there. What it comes down to is a fear campaign, a big lie. What is the motivation? To toe the line in international cooperation. To sacrifice for the greater good (of the powers). Or at least that's how I see it.

    Please don't knee jerk react just because a mind-controlled star quality talking head (Gore) indicates its time to panic. Or just because "lotso" scientists get up and toe the company line.

    Inform yourself. Its all here. At least you will understand that there are at least two viable sides to this argument. And then you might understand who pushes them and what their goals are. And then you might even see beyond the "two sides" to the hidden hand.

    Take care.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 6:19 AM  

  • Plain and simple-resaerch the history of climate-duh

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:57 AM  

  • If global warming is indeed caused by human industrial activity, why then are the nearest planets to ours showing warming trends as well? Gore is from a long line of "de-industrializationist/depopulationists." His pedigree would suggest this as well and so would United Nations AGENDA 21 regarding "sustainable development." Just more tenets of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO being employed in the USA (along with central banking, heavily graduated income tax, public schooling etc).

    The sun is showing a warming trend and an increase in activity. One can look at the historical evidence. England in the 15th century at one point was able to have cultivated several wine harvest. Two-hundred years later, they had ice festivals (i.e. Medieval Warm Period, the Little Ice Age).

    Gore is an elitist mouth piece and I'd be curious to see if ROCKEFELLER OR CARNEGIE FOUNDATIONS were behind the financing of this "the end is nigh" documentary.

    Gore and his handlers will continue to ride around in their corporate jets and stretch limos while advocating the corraling of the rest of us "profane" into municipal enclaves under "sustainable" development policies. We can see such attempts when central government policies are encouraging more and more deed restricted developments to get us all used to living under the will of the "Collective."

    By the way, the most prevalent "greenhouse gas" is water (as atmospheric moisture), at 95% of the total.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:54 AM  

  • By Anonymous Anonymous, At 12:12 AM  

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