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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another clown as head of the United Nations By Joost van Steenis

Dear reader, this is the 78th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Ban Ki-moon will replace Kofi Annan.
But the UN will remain as powerless as before.

Real power is only found outside the UN, in the end in mighty persons who belong to the top-elite.

What did the UN do concerning problems like Darfur or the Congo, the invasions in Iraq or Afghanistan, the military dictatorships, the abuse of human rights, etceteras.

Even worse, what did the UN do against hunger, dying children, lack of clean water, secondary place of women, illiteracy, natural disasters that wreck in the first place the life of people in the Third World etceteras.

The United Nations does next to nothing.
The leader of the UN is a man who only utters empty words.

Because there is no power in the UN, leaders are clowns who make people laugh but after the laugh poor people are again confronted with the reality of the ever continuing misery.

Again and again the collaborating news media are telling you that the clowns at the top of the UN are real people who change the world for the better.


But people are still hoping the world will change when there is a government that rules the whole world.


In their own countries the highest power is not the democratic elected government but the powers that be, the elite, the non-elected people who manage huge amounts of capital, who have family-members in mighty positions and who have top-functions in which they can take important decisions.
For my theory about the popwer generated by the three F's, Function, Family and Finance, see my 57 th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker, Who belongs to the elite? ( )

All attention is given to the clowns and people with real power continue to work in silence. Sometimes a member of the elite takes the lead. Bush for example. He has real power in contradiction to clowns like Clinton or Al Gore. The last one is now saying things he could not realise when he was in a so-called position of power (vice-president of the USA). But I hope you already have understood that Al Gore is only creating an illusion of happiness and progress – as all clowns do.

Direct your wrath at people with real power.

That is not the leader of the UN, that is mostly not the president of the USA, but that are the invisible people who pull the strings to let puppets do what puppets have to do. Puppets only have to improve the already privileged situation in the wealthy and safe eliteworld.

The rest of the world population is not important.

Yours, truly
New ways to increase masspower


  • I can't tell but are you implying that you want a one world government to solve all of the worlds problems? How will that help? I don't know where you are from but I'm glad the UN has no power. As an American I will not accept any government other than American because the UN is not interested in world peace only world domination and genocide. No thanks.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:38 PM  

  • As a citizen of Earth, I will not accept any American invasions or occupations of my land.

    America is only interested in domination for its greed and genocide for its hate of all other humans.

    America is the largest terrorist threat to humans on Earth.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 3:33 PM  

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