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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

'Money as Debt' by Paul Grignon

'Money as Debt' is a new 47 minute DVD created by Paul Grignon fromGabriola, British Columbia, Canada. It is now ready for distribution. Idescribe it as colourful entertainment with an educational twist.

The intentis to share this DVD with people and get them fully interested and halfwayto an understanding of all topics related to 'money as debt.'Paul has interspersed a series of historical banking quotations throughoutthe DVD. He also uses cartoon characters in a very effective manner toexplain 'What Is Money.' Then using these cartoon characters to relate a'Goldsmith's Tale' that explains the history of gold as money and how theidea of interest or usury was conjured up by the goldsmiths who becamegreedy.

Finally, he presents a good explanation of 'The Money System Today' whereinhe shows how money in our modern society really represents debt. He showsgraphically how banks create money from the borrower's promissory note. Hepoints out that the amount of money in circulation is equal to the totalamount of debt. He also confirms that loans do not come from depositors'funds which is the misleading impression held by most people.Paul gives a short history of usury and explains how there was a time inhistory when every religion opposed usury. He summarizes that the chargingof interest or usury is a moral and practical problem in this 21st Centurybecause the banks create the principal of any loan but they never create theinterest or usury that is exacted and added to any loan payment. The designflaw of usury is amply illustrated for the evil function that it is.

Finally, Paul spends some time on proposals that will change the orthodoxsystem of usury-based finance. He advocates the usuryfree LETS (LocalEmployment Trading System) software and illustrates paper notes of usuryfreetime currency as usury-free debt money. He shows an example of personalizedmoney with the creator's picture on it. It visually makes the point that wecan issue "personal and usuryfree debt money" without the involvement ofbanks. Paul recommends that local communities establish independent, localbarter networks as the last, best defense against the New World Order'splans for a one world usury-based, electronic money supply where everytransaction is tracked by the system. In summary, usuryfree communitycurrencies are the optimal, emergency-preparedness model for any community.

In closing, Paul presents a permanent usuryfree money proposal that can beimplemented by any level of government. Such a proposal would free us fromthe Economic Dictatorship that currently is the shadow behind all levels ofgovernment - municipal, provincial/state and federal.Most people that I have shown this DVD to say that they want (need) to seeit more than once. I recommend this DVD for anyone's library as it can be agreat teaching tool to share with those who are ready and willing to learnwhat formal education neglects to teach.The UsuryFree Network is promoting the DVD 'Money As Debt' as a fundraiserto raise money for the Second Annual UsuryFree Day celebrations on Monday,November 13th, 2006. In fact, that week is being designated as UsuryFreeWeek since usuryfree creatives in other communities are planning events torecognize that usuryfree living is possible and probable for those who makethe choice to free themselves from the scourge of usury.

More details about the events to celebrate UsuryFree Week will follow in the fall of 2006.The UsuryFree Network is marketing the 'Money As Debt' DVD with a retailvalue of $25.00 (Canadian Funds) or its equivalency in any other nationalcurrency. This is payable in Canadian Funds or in the alternative $20.00Canadian Funds and $5.00 usuryfree community currency. Any usuryfreecommunity currency is accepted whether in Canada or the United States.You are encouraged to buy an extra copy and gift it to any social,environmental or electoral reform group or organization as such groups needto know that unless the money-as-debt-plus-interest system is fundamentallyreformed, no other reforms will ever succeed, at least not for long.Encourage these groups to view this entertaining explanation about money andthen recommend it to their members and the public.

Any further suggestions in this regard are welcomed and appreciated.My pitch to social justice, environmental and electoral reform activists isthat, without monetary reform, political reforms will not achieve the goalsintended - fundamental power lies in money creation, not laws. And withoutelectoral reform, monetary reform is not going to happen.

In this way, I seethe 'Money as Debt' DVD helping to enlist a wide variety of social activistsbehind the demand for both electoral and monetary reform.Enjoy this day!Working with you for 'peace and plenty' by 2020 AND 'Promoting the usuryfree fix for 2 oh oh 6'I AM

Tom J. Kennedy otherwise known as 'Tommy UsuryFree' As an active UsuryFree Creative, I am available for contract to help anycommunity organize a local usuryfree community currency. See details below.Please forward payment (cash, cheque or money order) for your order to:Tom J. Kennedy, The UsuryFree Network,P. O. Box 372, Tamworth, Ontario K0K 3G0Tel: 1.613.379.5131 Email:


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