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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mass franchise democracy: the greatest manifestation of the communist ideal By Dissipate

Has anyone ever considered the fact that western democracies have the largest welfare states and wealthiest governments out of all the nations today and from history?

If you think about it, mass franchise democracy is about as good as it can ever going to get for socialism. If a state allows some form of capitalism to exist it gets the benefits of division of labor, competitive pricing and many other benefits of capitalism. So the idea is to use capitalism as a sort of beast of burden. You allow it to exist, but watch over it closely and simply tax the maximum amount possible out of it.

In order to keep the whole scam going you allow everyone (including the productive members of society) to vote. This placates the taxpayers and gives them a false sense of security that they have a say in government. You also allow them to lobby to get special interest legislation passed for their businesses and professions.

However, little do these taxpayers know that they are severely outnumbered by the non-tax payers, whose marginal cost for an additional government program or additional revenue for existing programs is almost 0. For those who want to reduce the 'cost' of government, the political battle is uphill and nearly impossible.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" can not be realized under communism since some kind of free market is necessary for there to be a price system and division of labor. Division of labor in a market is a necessary pre-condition for the expression of people's ability. The division of labor of communism on the other hand is arbitrary and insane.

The communist ideal is best realized in a mass franchise democracy in which a limited form of capitalism is allowed to exist which acts as an engine of prosperity for government expropriators. Any socialist who is clever enough will have figured this out and will have quickly abandoned any hope of communism being able to sustain a welfare state for any period of time.

So how do you convince the productive members of society that they are living in a socialist's dream world?


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