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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some Suggestions for Ron by James Jaeger

After watching the past debates, here are some observations and suggestions to improve Ron Paul's effectiveness.

1. MODERATE THE FRANTIC PACE. Dr. Paul obviously has the big picture in his head but most others do not. In his attempt to get it all out, he comes off as frantic. If he speaks more slowly, they may give him more time to speak. If he's on less of a REACH for the audience, the debate moderators will be on less of a WITHDRAW from him and stop cutting him off so much.

2. DEFINE WORDS. Dr. Paul should offer quick definitions as he goes along. I am willing to bet the broad base of America does NOT understand even the most basic of words and terms when it comes to politics, banking and the economy. If they did, it would be an entirely different ball game. Suggested words to define below.

3. USE SOUND-BITES. Since we are in the age of instant TV, Dr. Paul needs to play the game and toss out sound bites -- especially ones that draw attention to the issues the others may be hiding or avoiding. These sound bites should be delivered in a rough sequence of conceptual understanding. If these ideas are presented in easy-to-hear-form, people will begin to wonder what the other candidates are failing to discuss. Suggested sound bites below.

4. WAVE THE MD. Since the other candidates are busy waving their unique stats, Dr. Paul should wave his MD stat more often. He might say something like: Given that I'm the only MEDICAL DOCTOR here on this stage, I feel I am the best candidate to steer us through the upcoming health-care crisis." Or he could say: "One of the first things you learn in medical school is to define your terms carefully. Maybe we should do this more often." If he wants to push it, he might say: "As the only MD on this stage, I can say this: America is sick (not well) and needs a doctor ASAP."

5. USE THE ZEITGEIST. Don't hesitate to say we are now an Empire. The mainstream public understands this fact and it's become part of the "temperament of the times." Only the politically correct or scared candidates on the debate stage don't fully get, or admit, it yet. If Dr. Paul says things like, "we are now the ROMAN EMPIRE" openly in debates, people like Rude-Ruddy will attack him. But, since the viewing public GETS that we ARE an Empire now, his attack will backfire, making him look out of date and/or withholding of information. What else is he out of date on or withholding? If Ron can get the public to see that the other candidates are out of date and/or witholdy, he can deliver the below sound-bites in a more receptive atmosphere.

6. GET CELEBRITIES INVOLVED. If at least five name celebrities come out and openly endorse Ron Paul, he will probably make it to president.




Article I, Section 8 & 10

Backed currency

Balance of trade deficit





Democratic Party (party for the poor and newly-rich)

Dollar (a unit of weight in silver)

Exporting inflation


Federal Reserve System

Fiat currency

Fiscal policy

Fractional reserve

Free trade (not to be commingled with outsourcing of jobs)

Inflating the money supply


Libertarian Party (party for the patriotic middle-class)

Loss of purchasing power

Monetary policy

Money supply




Oath of Office

outsourcing of jobs

Printing out of thin air

Purchasing power


Redeemable paper

Republican Party (party for the rich)

Rising prices

Silver certificates




Use the money first

wealth disparity

SUGGESTED SOUND-BITES (after fact-checking):

ALL politicians claim to lower taxes.

Politicians endlessly promise to limit government, but do they?

Is your current government smaller?

The United States earns $11 trillion per year.

The cost of governing the U.S. is $3 trillion per year.

Is a 27% government management fee okay.

GDP is $11 trillion per year.

The government borrows half a trillion dollars a year.

You pay half a trillion dollars a year in interest

Much of Congresses money comes from borrowing.

Borrowing makes banks wealthy.

Why is a bank on almost all major street corners in America?

Government doesn't NEED taxes, if it can borrow endlessly.

Government doesn't need YOU if it can borrow endlessly.

Our money is no longer backed by gold.

Our money is no longer backed by silver.

Article I says the money must be backed by gold.

The Oath of Office requires the Constitution be followed.

President not enforcing Article I, is in violation of his Oath.

Most on this stage will violate their Oaths of Office.

Money is created by the Federal Reserve System.

The money is now all paper, not gold or silver.

In a crash, paper becomes worthless.

We are courting disaster.

The dollar is loosing value.

As the stock market gains value, the dollar is loosing it.

Most Americans use DOLLARS, not STOCK certificates.

The BANKS now print up as much paper money as they want.

The Federal Reserve System is a PRIVATE BANK.

The Federal Reserve System is also known as simply: THE FED.

The FED is made up of elite bankers from Mr. Guiliani's city.

The FED literally creates money out of thin air.

You can no longer turn your paper dollars in for silver.

The elite banks have been secretly confiscating silver and gold.

There is probably no gold left in Ft. Knox.

Who took the gold from Ft Knox?

Fed-Bankers took the gold from Ft. Knox.

The Fed is a banking cartel, similar to OPEC.

The Fed has never been audited by the citizens.

Ft. Knox has not been audited in over x decades.

The Fed is an ELITE PRIVATE bank run out of New York City.

Elite private bankers now print up endless money for Congress.

Politicians promise to cut taxes because they don't NEED taxes.

Congress borrows money from the private Fed.

Borrowed money becomes the National DEBT.

The National debt is an unprecedented $9 trillion today.

The national debt is now by far the highest in history.

The national debt has in effect funded Congress.

When Congress borrows it sells Treasury-NOTES.

A NOTE is a form of DEBT.

Much of these treasury NOTES are bought by foreigners.

When Congress can't sell any more NOTES, the Fed buys them.

Where does the Fed get the money to buy NOTES, it prints it.

Why does every dollar bill now say Federal Reserve NOTE?

Every dollar used to say SILVER CERTICICATE not Fed NOTE.

The entire US money supply has been turned into DEBT, i.e. NOTES.

Congress uses DEBT to fuel its endless expansion.

We are now an Empire.

We are no longer a Republic.

We are now an empire fueled by endless Fed DEBT.

All empire eventually crash when the debt is high enough.

During Ross Perot's bid the debt was $4 trillion; IT IS NOW 9.

AGAIN, Congress doesn't NEED to tax when it can endlessly borrow.

This is why politicians rarely talk about the DEBT.

Politicians only talk about the DEFICIT.

Do you know the difference between the DEBT and the DEFICIT.

Most Americans don't know difference between DEBT and DEFICIT.

The DEBT is 9 trillion the DEFICIT is 1/2 trillion.

The DEBT is 18 times bigger than the DEFICIT.

Have any of the people on this stage made you aware of that?

Why not?

What other facts do these people here want to suppress?

What's in it for them?

Why do almost 90% of the People disapprove of Congress?

Could it be because they KNOW something is being suppressed?

We all make $11 trillion worth of stuff every year.

The government takes $3 trillion of that money from us.

The gov takes about 25% of our money every year.

State and local governments then take another 25%.

Citizens spend about half of their money for government.

Gov takes all this money AND puts us $9 trillion in debt.

Next time you look at a dollar, consider the word NOTE on it.

The FED has never been audited.

Where does the Fed get the money it lends to congress?

The Fed prints up as much money as it wants.

There is a big difference between the DEFICIT and the DEBT

The Debt has never been higher in our history.

Major CEOs make 500 times more than their employees.

Only 5% of the people in the US are in Wall Street

Wall Street is experiencing record highs.

Main Street is working at McDonalds.

The U.S. food supply is basically toxic.

Drug companies and Banks are the biggest lobbyists.


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