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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hey Buddy, Can You Spare $1,000 Trillion? By SB Kayser

I write each editorial under the impression that a major event is going to prevent me from drafting the next one. My fear almost came true. This one was scheduled to be released early October then delayed due to an avalanche of scary news unseen before in my lifetime. The threat of 'monetary terrorism' has only one remedy called 'financial detoxification'. However, thanks for taking the time to read this column, which could have easily been much longer. As you will see, nobody can stop this freight train.

The story of the upcoming world crash is hidden in plain sight. Even mayor Bloomberg has jumped in the gloom and doom bandwagon: a global economic downturn was looming, triggered by the "lunacy" of public debt, he declared last month. Meanwhile denial continues. Although nearly 70% of the Americans do fear a recession, the possibility of a major crisis is not considered. A crisis? Not in my backyard, most of them think. It all boils down to faith. To be fair, the 'empire mentality' was born with history. Eventually people wake up to the harsh reality that the empire lied to them. The only successful government programs are wars and economic crises. When two or three decades of prosperity end with a crash and geopolitical crisis, what does this mean - frankly? Once again, the numbers tell a very different story than which we are being told. Yes dear Readers, you're not hallucinating. There is currently at least a $1,000 trillion dollar black hole in the world economy. To get the full picture, please keep on reading.



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