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Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Crash That’s Coming: More Bubbles Will Burst By Danny Schechter.

The Crash That’s Coming: More Bubbles Will Burst

“The public, fortunately, doesn’t understand how bad the situation is. If it did, we might have a real panic on our hands.” — David Ignatius, Washington Post

Now that this year’s Oscars are history, imagine if you will, an awards ceremony honoring not the best of the best but the worst of the worst, not just spinoffs like the “Razzies” (the Golden Razberries) for movies. Who should we single out as the biggest slime balls and sleazoids who caused the most damage to our society in the year gone by?

Can you envision an Academy Award like statuette to “honor” the people we should be despising the most?

The political among us will immediately visualize potential awardees among our own devil incarnates. On the right, perhaps it would be that Dick Cheney or even Bill O’Reilly; on the liberal left that ever evil Bubbaman, Bill Clinton, or the liberal media’s NY Times might be pounced on by the “wingers,” like red meat, at least before the recalls.

Others would conjure up offending glitterati, easy targets like Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan, and others among the most photographed famous for being famous non-functionals among us....



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