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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ron Paul Third Party, 2008-2012: How to Do It By Nelson Hultber

by Nelson Hultberg

The political revolution spawned by Ron Paul will not be won in one campaign. No profound paradigmatic change in society comes so easily. Unfortunately those "sunshine patriots" who expected this to be easy sailing with no setbacks will now abandon the fight and accuse Ron Paul of selling out. Such is human nature.

This being said, however, we do have to acknowledge that the Ron Paul campaign had some serious flaws, and the most important one was this: He ran as a Republican! To anyone with a sense of history, it should be obvious that trying to change the Republicans into Jeffersonian individualists is a fool's game. They sold out the cause of freedom way back in '68 when they embraced Richard Nixon, and then furthered their capitulation by accommodating the neo-con infiltration of the 70s and 80s..... more


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