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Monday, July 17, 2006

Energy Solves Debt Problem By James Jaeger

Since the American Empire is in debt like no nation or empire has ever been in debt in the history of the world AND it collects no fees from its vassal states (yet it has been providing them with free security and almost infinite markets for decades), here's how it (and all its citizens) could bail themselves out of the $70 TRILLION long-term debt the Empire now faces.(1)

A) The Department of Energy gets serious about the development and commercialization of PLASMA FUSION and SOLAR, and then;

B) The U.S. succeeds in the major breakthroughs of both technologies and then SELLS electrical energy to the rest of the world thus paying off its $70 trillion debt. This $70 trillion dollar figure I am using includes all the current, off-budget and long-term debt of the U.S. government. Usually only the current debt figure of $8.3 trillion is given, but we owe MUCH more than this, as much as $70 trillion. Much of this is for the unfunded social security programs as well as what we owe to other nations that are funding our trade deficit, namely China and Japan.

If scientists and technologists in the U.S. were to make the major breakthrough, I see this as a way we could all dig ourselves out of debt. Cheap clean energy is a product all Americans as well as the entire world needs and wants. If we could produce cheap clean electrical energy and sell it to the world, the U.S. could buy in all the bonds that have been purchased by foreign nations, its own citizens and the Federal Reserve.(2)

It would thus be in a position very far from the position it's currently in, a position of inevitable default. I believe nations like China would be very happy to exchange debt for energy because they would then be in a better position to develop their economy upon a clean, cheaper basis. Also, they would not have to live in fear that the U.S. will default on their loans, because it ever did, it would ruin their economy as much as a failure to produce enough energy would inhibit its growth.

So here is the perfect way out -- not only for the U.S. government, but for its citizens and for the citizens in the rest of the world who are buying our debt. Inexpensive, clean energy will also remove the reason for oil wars and cause ALL products to be cheaper and better. With better, cheaper products and a cleaner world humming away on two inexhaustible sources of energy -- FUSION and SOLAR -- we won't have to worry about climate change and the horrors that go along with that.(3)

Plus, we will be able to advance as a world and more quickly be in a position to develop strong AI, therapeutic cloning (4) and explore Mars and the rest of the Solar System.(5) A friendly Singularity will also have a much better chance of arriving because the human race will have its house in better order and humans will be in a better position to augment and/or upload and thus keep up with it. I strongly believe Energy is the gateway to many, if not all, of the world's current problems.

Like a knot, if the correct string is pulled, the knot will loosen up. Scientists, technologists and concerned Citizens can make it happen if a well-managed government and/or a private industry with good incentives will focus their collective powers on attaining a solution.

(1) See EMPIRE OF DEBT by Bonner for details on how this figure has been arrived at as well as a complete explication of the debt situation.

(2) See "FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution" a film written and directed by James Jaeger

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