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Friday, August 25, 2006

Have "Them" Sign The following Affidavit

Forwared by an avid MoneyFiles reader


The undersigned affiant, being duly sworn on oath, deposes and says: That he/she is an officer of the below named financial institution, a nationally chartered commercial bank, hereinafter called bank. That, as an officer of the bank, he/she has the authority to execute this affidavit on behalf of the bank and to bind the bank to its provisions. It is understood that an exchange is not a loan. The bank loans to borrowers cash or other depositors ' money to legally obtain possession of the promissory notes. The bank affirms it does not act like a moneychanger receiving a negotiable instrument or commercial paper hereinafter "funds" from the borrower. The bank exchanges funds received from the borrower for an equal amount of funds returned to the borrower calling the transaction a loan to the borrower. The bank does not deny borrowers equal protection under the law, money, credit, and agreement. The bank complies with and follows all Federal Reserve Bank rules, policies and procedures. The bank fully discloses to each and every borrower all material facts with respect to all loan agreements as to whom is to loan exactly what to whom and whether the borrower or the bank funds the bank loan check. The borrower does not provide funds to the bank which are used to fund a check or similar instrument. I also affirm that all material facts are stated in the written agreement. Signed under penalty of perjury.

Signature of Bank Officer


Print name of Bank Officer


Name of Bank
Address of Bank


Sworn to and subscribed before me this

______day of _______,19_____. Signature of Notary Public



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