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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Artificial Intelligence vs Money-Making-Perpetural War By James Jaeger

The question of whether all humans should be given a sort of base pay is a very interesting one and one I've wrestled with over the years. It's true, it could release much genius which otherwise has all its attention occupied with mere subsistence -- but I can see such a base pay allowing people to simply exist without doing anything for themselves or society, such as the addict.

This is fine with me, people should be allowed to waste their lives if they want, but I don't want to have to pay for their ill effects, such as the effects caused by alcohol and other drug consumption. I'm all for people being able to use any drug they want and even killing themselves with it, but I don't want any of my money paying for a) police to arrest them, b) jails to house them or c) doctors to make them better. I don't mind paying for an ongoing educational program for all people so they can learn all about the ill effects of alcohol and drugs -- but from there on out it's their responsibility to handle it.

If a base pay were to be instituted, all this would have to be ironed out before I would agree to it other wise it would end up costing us all more than what's fair. This is a Libertarian view.It's also true that money controls invention and technology -- and this of course is WHY the discussion of MONEY and POLITICS have some relevance to the main discussion at the Kurzeweil MIND-X, which is AI and technology.

My feeling is there is nothing inherently wrong with money as a medium of exchange, but when the creation of money falls into government or vested corporate hands, such as the current PRIVATE banks that now control money creation in the U.S. money is often used as chains of enslavement.

This is one of the reasons I have harped on the Federal Reserve System and fiat money for so long and in my recent film, FIAT EMPIRE at

Could we get rid of the invention of money all together?

Yes I believe it is possible. In a world where there was such abundance -- a post-Singularity era perhaps -- I believe using money to "keep score" will be seen as a quaint technology from a bygone era. Of course those who enslave using money -- what I call the MONEY-MENTALITY -- will fight as hard as possible to avoid such a future. Thus in many ways these people are your enemies if you want technology to fully manifest universal abundance. The MONEY-MENTALITY will actually inhibit and destroy technology so that super abundance will never be achieved.

One of the "purposes" of war, BTW, is to destroy as much stuff as possible so that abundance CAN'T be achieved. To the degree abundance is achieved, it eradicates societal stratification. If the poor have as much as the rich, then there ARE no rich. No riches over others = no control and domination over others.

Thus the rich will never allow the world to become rich. So the rich are actually enemies of humanity to that degree. And this is of course what the Democrats and the Republicans are all about.

Democrats = poor and newly rich and Republicans = rich. No matter what words or euphemisms are used to soften the issue, ALL politics are ALWAYS about the rich and the poor fighting over the pie.

A technological, post-Singularity world where strong AI makes superabundance possible will thus cause the very fabric of POLITICS to crumble. This, of course, is the inevitable future - unless people figure out a way of stopping technology cold -- and that will never happen because humans don't run the the most crutial aspects of managing the world's resources any longer.

AI does. No world banking or police work, for instance, could possibly happen if computer networks were shut down. And many of these machines already run on weak AI. When strong AI comes in, I doubt it will even allow the humans to be in the equation that much.

Unfortunately, about 1% of the population has a gene aberration that causes them to compulsively want to destroy or dominate. These people have no sense of fear thus they can be found in the ranks of serial murders and government officials - for both mass murder AND speaking before audiences require an absence of fear. This, of course, is one of the reasons we have had continuous wars in this world, because those that often rise to power are psychopaths with no natural ability to fear.

You have to be able to confront audiences to be in power and this takes an attenuation of fear. Thus money is this animal's primary tool of enslavement because with it they can hire a military and keep the population indoctrinated through mass media so they stay in power and so they keep society stratified through the inhibition of technology and the destruction of civilization through perpetual war.

Welcome to 2006, Planet Earth, James Jaeger


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