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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Out of $2,407,000,000,000 you only get some $20 billion for energy!

Where do you provide for PLASMA FUSION research?

You are only allocating $82 million to direct SOLAR research?

Out of total federal receipts of some $2,407,000,000,000 you only get some $20 billion for energy! That's despicable. You need to demand more money from the $2.4 trillion the government gets every year.(1) With the amounts of money the DOE gets to work with and the amounts it spends towards the two most important sources, PLASMA FUSION and SOLAR, it's no wonder we have pulled in a war on terror and global warning. The DOE needs to cut out at least $100 billion a year from the DOD budget and use that money for energy research into PLASMA FUSION and SOLAR otherwise there is little chance you will obtain your stated goals.(2) Fusion is 100% clean and the most powerful source of energy in the universe. See my article below.

James Jaeger

Check this out. More Death and Destruction Funding
We canceled $3.1 billion going to places like energy, food, education, housing and bridge building so that the money could be "better spent" by the Department of Defense on the "Global War on Terror" and the mission of blowing things and people up all over the planet.


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